Anthony Rose and his incredible restaurant family have quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Toronto foodie scene, which made them an obvious choice for our backstage food partner at Field Trip, WayHome and Boots & Hearts.


It is no surprise that similar to other ventures in his career, Anthony and his team dazzled our very special backstage guests. While the fragrance of bbq wafting through the grounds was enough to draw a mouth watering crowd, the staff who dished up and served all weekend long were first class. 



For The Love of Food have been big fans of Anthony since his days at the Drake Hotel. We have been so proud watching Anthony grow his team of restaurants. From the development of the Holy Trinity of Dupont (Rose & Sons, Big Crow, Fat Pasha and Schmaltz Appetizing) to recent additions, Swan and Bar Begonia, it is no surprise that Anthony was named one of Toronto’s Most Influential people in 2015.


Our needs for a restaurant are simple. Give us gorgeous food, made with love. Anthony does this with every new venture perfectly. We can’t wait to continue to watch his empire grow, and will forever remain the loudest fans in his cheering squad.  



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