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Our Unconventional Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the season, family, friends, loved ones and *gasp* the last long weekend of the year! For many, it is an age old tradition of coming together to break bread and spend time together.

What if you don't have a large enough table, are short on chairs or hate turkey? What is a Thankgiving enthusiast to do when faced with these types of challenges?

Our For The Love of Food Team has cooked up an unconventional Thanksgiving feast that takes the stress out of entertaining for the masses and gives turkey lovers a tasty alternative!

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Menu

feeds 12

*click menu items for recipe!

Roasted squash, cheddar & pecan salad

Roasted cauliflower, carrots & brussels sprouts

Potato gratin

Apple cider dijon pork shoulder

With apple crisp for dessert!

In addition to being delicious, this menu is stress free for the host! With so many items that can be prepared the day before hand, as well as dishes that can be served room temperature, you can have all of your dishes out and ready to serve before the first guest walks through the door!

How to turn your home party ready in just a few short steps!


Be prepared! Table decor, florals and the bar set up can be done the day before your party, leaving you to focus on just a few small items before the party begins!


Short on space? Make use of all of the surfaces in your home. We turned a regular kitchen island into a dreamy buffet by using a clean white linen. From there, we set everything out buffet style, which created a relaxed feel when guests were arriving. We welcomed guests to eat as they wished, as opposed to waiting until everyone arrived and eating together.

Build your own charcuterie platter. We used our everyday wooden cutting boards for these meat and cheese plates. Charcuterie boards are perfect for your guests to nibble on until they are ready to indulge in the rest of the meal!

Don't want to play bartender? Set up a serve yourself bar! Provide all the necessary ingredients for your guests. As they walk through the door, make them a welcome beverage. Then show them the set up and let them know that it is theirs for the evening!

Don't have enough seating? By having all of the food out and ready, your guests will feel relaxed from the minute you say 'good evening'. Watch them mingle, drink and eat at different times throughout the party, leaving you stress free and able to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday outside of the kitchen!

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