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Cocktail Recipe: The Desperate Measures

It has been a busy few months for the For The Love Of Food team! From food festivals to country slickin' concerts, there has been almost no time to rest! What we have been able to do, is whip up a quick cocktail that's perfect for busy summer nights. We call it: The Desperate Measures. The Goods

1.5 oz of tequila

1 spoonful of raspberry jam

squeeze of lime

squeeze of grapefruit

freshly squeezed orange juice

splash of soda

The Method

Combine jam, tequila, squeeze of lime and squeeze of grapefruit in mixing glass

Stir until the mixing glass becomes cold to touch

Fill mason jar with ice and add a slice of lime

Strain the mixing glass over the mason jar

Top with freshly squeezed orange juice

Add a splash of soda


-For The Love Of Food


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