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Behind the Scenes: OK Friday Barn Fair

When the new owners of Burl's Creek Event Grounds acquired the property in the rural community of Oro-Medonte, they came to own an old barn originally built in the 1920's. Cracked foundation, broken floors and heaps of rubbish were what many would see at first glance, but all we saw was custom market stalls, big clear glass windows, and the hustle and bustle of families and local farmers on a warm summer night.

& so began the creation of OK Friday Barn Fair.


For the last six months the For The Love Of Food team has been working with Hawk Eyes to develop, create and build a plan, not only for the restoration of the barn, but for the art and farmers market that is going to change the cottage commute for years to come.


November 14th, 2014

For The Love Of Food & Hawk Eyes visit the barn for the first time.


December 2014

The project has been spearheaded by the blond goddess herself, Wynn Theriault and the talented Rachelle Turner (Hawk Eyes). From market stalls, to up lighting, from the sizes of windows to branding, these two have worked tirelessly to create what is soon to be OK Friday Barn Fair, an art and farmers market.


January 2014

Then there is Tammi Taylor, who has been a big part of the development team up at Burl's Creek since late fall 2014. She has been working hard to get to know the community and thanks to her relationships built within the township or Oro-Medonte, we have been able to connect with some of the best local farmers, producers and artists in the area.


April 2015

Photo by Hawk Eyes

Then enter The Karma Project, the non-profit food co-operative who works all year long to foster sustainable and accessible food systems. As our partner, they have been working for months to collect and select local produce, meat and artisans suppliers from the Oro-Medonte and surrounding area.


May 2015

OK Friday has also partnered with Canadian record label Arts & Crafts to produce a specially curated stage featuring local talent. Every night, cottage goers will be able to stop in, grab some groceries, and listen to live music while kids run free on the grounds.


April 2015

It doesn't end there! We are bringing some of Toronto's best to Oro-Medonte. Rodney's Oyster House and Anthony Rose from Rose and Sons, Fat Pasha and Big Crow will also be at the market with ready to eat and take home dishes! That's right, fresh oysters and ribs for all!


May 2015

Our fearless leaders

But wait, can you believe it there is more!

We consider ourselves very lucky to be welcoming Norman Hardie to the site every week. They will be bringing a delicious selection of wine that guests can take home... that's right, take home!

Video by Dowling Pictures

OK Friday Barn Fair, Art and Farmers Market is very near and dear to our hearts. We are honoured to be a part of this project, working in the gorgeous Burl's Creek Event Grounds and incredibly proud of our very own Wynn Theriault, Tammi Taylor and go to designer Hawk Eyes for bringing this project to life.

The trip up to the cottage country just got a whole lot sweeter. We look forward to seeing you up there ;)

- For The Love Of Food xx

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