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Taste of Toronto Safari Series, THR & Co.

Festival season is coming so quickly; we can almost picture it now. The warm summer heat, ice cold cocktails and the mouth-watering aroma of Taste of Toronto. In anticipation of this year's festival, Taste brought us along on their restaurant safari. In a six restaurant series, we will give you a peek into some of the outstanding dishes we got to taste, chefs we got to meet and a preview of what to expect July 2nd - 5th at Fort York.

First stop, THR & Co.

Executive Chef: Cory Vitiello

Bar Manager & Co-partner: Liz Campbell

87 Harbord Street, Toronto.

The Drink


We couldn't help but love this cocktail!

Olivier Sacks

Gin, Cocchi Americano, Lemon, Thyme

The Dish


Executive chef Cory Vitiello adding the final touches


Sashimi grade Albacore Tuna Kinilaw, coconut, lime, sweet & hot pepper, cilantro & cassava

And this was only the first stop! Check back in the next few days for our next restaurant. In the meantime, check out THR & Co. online.

Website: http://thrandco.com/

Twitter: @THRandCO

Instagram: @thrandco

For tickets to Taste of Toronto head to the website by clicking here.

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