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Ring in Spring with this Easter Cocktail!

Easter weekend is upon us and it is the perfect time to take off the winter coat, eat inexcusable amounts of chocolate and try fresh new bevies! To help you out, we have created the perfect cocktail to get your taste buds going before diving into that next Cadbury egg.


The Goods

1.25 oz Dillon's Rose gin .75 oz Campari .75 oz Lemon juice 2 Dashes grapefruit bitters Tonic water Lemon zest for garnish

The Method

Combine rose gin, campari, lemon juice & bitters over ice in a mixing glass

Stir until the mixing glass becomes cold

Fill a tall Collin's glass with ice and zest a lemon directly over the ice

Strain mixing glass over ice

Top with cold tonic water



The Prize

This cocktail is the perfect way to ring in spring! If you try it, make sure to snap a picture and send it to us either on twitter @4_TheLoveOfFood or on instagram @ForTheLove0fFood with the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfFood.


Happy Easter to yours from ours!

-For The Love Of Food


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