Ivy Knight is one of Toronto’s top culinary personalities and a dear friend of the For The Love of Food team. We have watched her work her way to the top, with sass and class in every step.


While her 86’d at The Drake on Monday nights continue to be a smash hit, Ivy is our director and host for Mess Hall at Field Trip. Immediately swarmed with contestants, Ivy hosts’ mini competitions in between stage sets to entertain the crowd. You are lucky if you can get a seat in the joint. Whether it is a children’s watermelon eating competition, or a Caesar building challenge for adults, Ivy has the crowd cheering and the contestants gleaming with pride.


An esteemed writer, connector and event host, Ivy will win over a crowd with her contagious smile and laughter time and time again. Her mind is constantly busting at the seams with new and fresh ideas, which is why we will always work hard to have her in our corner.






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