Our relationship with Advance Tent began in 2013 with our first Field Trip festival at Fort York and at our Gentlemen of the Road stopover in Simcoe County. Ennio Serrani and his team worked tirelessly to ensure each tent was placed exactly how production wanted it. Now the largest tent rental company in Canada, our admiration for our supplier has only grown with the dedication they have shown to providing our company with the best service possible.


In 2014 For The Love Of Food build a relationship with Exclusive Rentals for all dinnerware, linen, glassware, table, chair and miscellaneous needs.


Since then Advance Tent and Exclusive have joined under one name, Event Rental Group.  The company continues to work around the clock to provide For The Love Of Food with the best tent and rentals in the city. They continue to remain our number one supplier while maintaining a high level of customer service and responsibility.


Special thanks to Ennio Seranni and Pablo Matthey-Vasquez who work with us one on one for months before an event to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect for our team and our clients.  We could not ask for a better pairing to work!

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